30 Sep 2012

Burlap goes High Fashion

I knew I wasn't going crazy when I decided to create a blog dedicated to the wonder, charm and versatility of the Burlap Sack! Here is proof that the Burlap Bag can be chic and fashionable.

Look what's just hit the catwalks this week from D&G as part of their Spring 2013 collection.......

This is amazing, and takes Burlap to a whole new level. If I had the body, I would whip one up for myself. I think this one is more my style...more forgiving!

(The bottom middle one I mean, not bottom right!)

Just shows what a little creativity and an old Burlap Sack can do! If it's good enough for fashion house Dolce and Gabbana - then it's good enough for me. I feel inspired - off to the studio!


  1. You would like the new book entitled "About Being able to look GOOD in a Burlap Sack" writen by a talented Florida author Ida Tomshinsky.
    It just published in January 2013. It is all about the history and present of jute and burlap, and many applications including high-end fashion design.

    1. Hi Ida, I would love to review your book on my blog, it sounds really interesting and I think my readers would be interested in it. Are you able to send me a copy to review?