27 Sep 2012

Sweetest Burlap Ring Cushion

I don't know why, but lately I seem to noticing the coolest DIY Burlap Projects for Weddings! I wish I had of seen them before I got married, I would have had a Burlap Wedding for sure.

Anyway, browsing out there in the Internet this week I noticed this great little DIY tutorial from Ruffled for this gorgeous Burlap Ring Pillow. Click the link to see the full DIY tutorial.

Isn't it just the cutest thing?

I would love to hear about any other cute Burlap Wedding Ideas you may have and feature them on this blog. Leave a comment with your ideas. 


  1. I had a wedding in my orchard for my niece. Since it was outside and the orchard had grass instead of dirt (my brother made it look like a park.) We used burlap for her to walk down the isle. It was quite effective. Also we wrapped it around our fence posts so it would be more like an enclosed area. We had hydrangeas and ribbons flowing from the top of the posts. Also we had a backdrop of white latice. Very striking. Queen of Clutter.

  2. Sounds beautiful! I love the idea of the Burlap Isle. Thankyou for sharing.